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Open Access Dissertation


College of Education



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Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.

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Mark Jimenez, Ed.D.

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John D'Aguanno, Ed.D.

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Sue Zientara, Ph.D.


education, early childhood, literacy learning, action research, parents, collaboration


The development of literacy skills prior to the classroom has been established as essential for future school and life successes. However, the present achievement gap between lower-socioeconomic neighborhoods and their higher-income counterparts illustrate vast dissimilarities in early childhood provisions for quality reading materials and instructional aides. In an effort to bridge the educational breach, a collaborative, storytelling-based program entitled Kid Forward was introduced to five nationwide families as a means of assistance for early childhood literacy development. Through the use of demographic surveys, interviews completed before and after the program implementation, and exit surveys, the action research study examined early childhood home-based literacy activities performed and the effects of Kid Forward on literacy learning in the home. The results of the investigation found that the primary element of Kid Forward, story creation, built confidence and skills in creativity, language development, and conversation; traits necessary for fruitful progression from kindergarten to adulthood.