Ed.D. Dissertations

Date of Award

Spring 4-10-2020

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


College of Education



Degree Name

Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.

Faculty Chair

Anne Grey, Ed.D.

Content Specialist

Marty Bullis, Ph.D.

Content Reader

John D'Aguanno, Ed.D.


communication, emergency readiness, schools, shootings, preparedness, educators, response, recovery


The goal of this study was to examine the role of communication in campus crisis readiness at an institution of higher learning that experienced a major crisis. In order to have a good understanding of the issues, the challenges, and the breakthroughs, the researcher interviewed an institution’s executives who had emergency and crisis readiness responsibilities. This study was designed as a case study to gain an in depth understanding of what prevails based on three instruments: interviews, online questionnaire, and document analysis. This study involved eight interviewees in a sit-down interview and 21 respondents in an anonymous online questionnaire. Evidence indicates the institution has made significant strides in the areas of communicating with stakeholders, engaging and monitoring of the social media, and making extensive use of technology in building a culture of campus crisis readiness. Respondents credited leadership for taking decisive action after the previous incident that served as a turning point in the institution’s history of crisis readiness.

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