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Open Access Dissertation


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Doctorate of Education, Ed.D.

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James Therrell, Ph.D.

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Donna Eastabrooks, Ph.D.

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Beth Hoeltke, Ph.D.


dual literacy, language immersion, literacy practices, second language learners


In early childhood academic settings, literacy practices play a crucial role in the development of emergent literacy skills. Many of the available practices for developing these foundational pre-reading skills are not often inclusive to second language learners. Educators who enter classrooms where dual language exposure is necessary to their curriculum are limited to the types of practices they can utilize to support the development of literacy in two languages. The purpose of this case study was to explore what literacy practices teachers could implement to improve dual literacy development in second language learners. The study began with a foundational understanding of dual literacy development followed by an exploration of current practices that educators were using to support literacy in language immersion settings. The case study included four classroom observations, eight interviews, and a focus group comprised of six educators. The eight classroom interviews were conducted with Grades K‒‍1 immersion teachers from two different elementary schools to collect data on their experiences and available training opportunities that informed their practices in early dual literacy. One recommendation resulting from this study was to provide training opportunities for targeted practices in literacy areas specific to the needs of second language learners.