HSEM 494 Practicum/Capstone Project

Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Practicum Paper

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Homeland Security, BS


School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management


Mesh networking


This document is a project proposal for Nike Resilience Business Continuity department. The Business Continuity department has several Directors who along with their Managers create Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) and conduct risk assessments to protect company assets for their specific regions. Nike World Headquarters (WHQ) has spearheaded the Nike Emergency Response Team (ERT) program, who’s focus is to respond and tend to Nike employees until local responders arrive. This project proposal focuses on the Americas Region specifically Nike World Headquarters (WHQ) located in Beaverton, Oregon. Working alongside the Business Continuity Director for Nike WHQ, a student of Concordia’s Homeland Security Program worked to identify potential problems facing Nike during a crisis, generate possible solutions for those problems.

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