HSEM 494 Practicum/Capstone Project

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Open Practicum Paper

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Homeland Security, BS


School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management


K-12, School, Schools, District, High School, Elementary, Emergency, FEMA, ICS, Management, Preparedness, Recover, Response, Marion County, Collaboration, Oregon, All-Hazards, Mitigation, Students, Resiliency


Collaboration between schools and emergency managers is paramount in addressing the whole community approach to emergency management for increasing preparedness (FEMA, 2011). As every disaster is local, a unified and collaborative approach should be taken to ensure schools are not a hindrance but rather an asset for preparedness, response and recovery efforts. Schools must have ownership and accountability for ensuring they are prepared for emergencies. Additionally, local emergency management agencies with their capabilities, capacity and knowledge must take action in response to the opportunity to build partnerships and expanded their efforts to create a resilient community.