HSEM 494 Practicum/Capstone Project

Date of Award

Fall 12-12-2019

Document Type

Open Practicum Paper

Degree Name

Homeland Security, BS


School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management


Emergency/Disaster Preparedness, Community Engagement, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Banks, Oregon


This proposal examines the challenges the Banks Fire District is faced with if a catastrophic event, such as a Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake were to strike the Pacific Northwest. The District has concerns surrounding the potential response and recovery challenges during a major disaster. The District is open to expanding its jurisdiction's capabilities with a solution that would benefit the District and Banks community members without compromising the District mission and core values. The District realizes that due to the nature of a CSZ, it will not have the resource capability to respond to the emergency needs of the community. This proposal identifies the threats and hazards to Banks and the surrounding communities that have the potential to disrupt life, infrastructure, and business. The project proposal offers potential solutions and recommendations on how the community can become better prepared for a disaster by engaging the community in emergency preparedness activities so the Banks community can stabilize themselves, family, and neighborhoods until first responders arrive.