Humanities Department

Humanities Department

The Humanities Department is comprised of the English, History, and Humanities programs.

English majors at Concordia do more than read and write. They immerse themselves in the history of ideas as seen in a wide variety of human expression – from short stories and novels to movies, memoirs, scientific journalism and more. In the process, they learn about themselves and the global village we live in. They learn that words and ideas matter. And they learn that people have the ability to transform the world.

The history program at Concordia emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, helping students develop a broad range of applicable intellectual skills – such as critical thinking, inquiry, and analysis – and encourages action in the world based on the principles students explore in their studies. Students conclude their program with a senior thesis or practicum that emphasizes intellectual depth, versatile problem solving, creativity, and practical action.

The Concordia humanities major emphasizes intellectual exploration to seek answers — recognizing that literature, history, and theology are connected in their attempt to make sense of the world. Both in and out of class, students explore the paradox, complexity, and mystery of humanity in multiple contexts — then use that knowledge to become effective leaders for our international community.

Humanities Faculty:
Gerd J. Horten - Professor of History
Joel Davis - Assistant Professor of History
Kimberly Knutsen - Professor of English, Faculty advisor to The Promethean
Ceiridwen Terrill - Professor of English, Humanities Department Chair


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