Welcome to the Concordia University Portland Math and Science Department (MSD)!

MSD Mission: The Department of Math and Science strives to prepare lifelong learners to become independent analytical thinkers and problem solvers, serving God, their community, and the world in an ethical and responsible way.

We implement our Mission Statement via three main strategic directions:

  1. We are dedicated to provide all of our students with a high quality science education, assisting them in the appreciation of science, and in becoming well-equipped professionals in any field of their choice by taking our General Ed science courses.
  2. All of our faculty works very hard to accommodate all Concordia students interested in science and medicine as a career. Our Biology and Chemistry Majors are proven to be successful in providing our science majors with a very strong background in science sufficient for entering graduate programs and/or starting a professional career in research, medicine, and conservation fields. All students interested in undergraduate research will have a chance to participate in it in different ways (please see below).
  3. Finally, we are glad to assist you in your exploration of the world via our Field Biology Program when studying ecology, marine biology, tropical biology, environmental science, etc., in countries around the world.

Every student can count on our full attention (professors know their students by name), and our best efforts in assisting him or her in handling science education at any level, and for any practical purpose in life. Please feel free to contact any MSD professors in accordance with your interest or any practical needs. We will all be happy to know you better, and to help you to build your career in a positive spirit, and most efficient and productive way possible.

Dr. Sergei A. Polozov, Chair, MSD

Faculty Members
All MSD professors share a teaching philosophy based on academic rigor, integrity, departmental and institutional mission. We all consider teaching our main profession, and we enjoy being in class with our students. What we value most is academic freedom, small classes that help help us to know our students, and straightforward communication about everything we do. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions about classes, your career, or research.

Bert Coltman: Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience
Jeanette Eggert: Math, Physics
Michael Godsey: Biochemistry
Kaycee Gillespie: Assistant Director
Rici Hallstrand: Biology, Immunology
Mihail Iordanov: Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics
Andrew Johnson: Organic Chemistry
Charles Kunert: Genetics
Sergei A. Polozov: Ecology, Ornithology
Julie Rowland: Math
Tom Shuell: Math
Matthew Wise: Analytical Chemistry


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