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Kristina Galicinao writes, "'A Different Feel of Beautiful' was written mainly as a declaration of acceptance. On the day of my departure, while walking toward the airport security checkpoint, I broke down and through my tears, told my mom repeatedly that I didn't want to go. After traveling about 2600 miles from the comforts of home to go to a school that I had never seen in person yet, I realized fully how scary and even risky my decision was. I was always aware of the fact that going away for college would be difficult and had thought that I was okay with that. But it's not always possible to accept something you're not even familiar with in the first place. Naturally, God always provides what is needed. So in the midst of my fears and doubts, I was given a sense of peace that has helped me to willingly, confidently, and even joyfully face each day here in Oregon."

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