Volume 4, Issue 1: Fall 1995

From the Editor:



For many people, it is the only thing in this world that is really consistent. I am not one of those people, but I do have to admit that a lot of it sure does seem to happen a lot of the time. It happens so fast, on occassion, that nobody can keep up.

Take, for example, what happened this summer. Concordia became a University. The old quarter system was replaced by semesters. Weber Hall was completely and drastically remodeled.

Any one of those changes can be dealt with easily. Some people may even be able to handle two or all three of them. But Concordia's changes go further than just that. People graduated, transferred, and left for other reasons. They were replaced, to a small extent, by a new group of freshmen and transfer students. Each change in the student body is reflected in the basic feel of the campus. Who knows how many years go by before a former student can come back and barely recognize his or her surroundings?

Many of the pieces in this issue of The Promethean deal with change to some extent. The winner of the short story contest, Heidi Wilke, features one of the most drastic and more permanent forms of change, but I'll let you read that for yourself.

A magazine like this does not come about through the efforts of a lone person. Thanks go to my staff, whose names are listed to the right, for the effort they put into helping select the contents of this issue. Special thanks go to Dr. Wright, who, on the first day of the semester called me into his office and asked if I would like to be the editor. Hopefully, his faith in my skill has been rewarded.



The Promethean, Fall 1995
English Department



A Slave No More
Harmony Grant



First Mission
Jeffery J. Gordon


A Dream
Jennifer Galloway


The Night I Died
Heidi Wilke


Boys Will Be Boys
Karl Bjergo


The Dunes
Scott Zimmer

Fall 1995

Dr. Daniel Wright, Advisor
Andrew Rothery, Editor
Bryant Carlson
Phil Larsen
Chris Martin
Jenna Mason
John White