Volume 4, Issue 2: Spring 1996

From the Editor:


Ah, spring. The time of year when a young man's thoughts turn to thoughts of how to fill this page without lapsing into meaningless babble. And love--but at the moment, that isn't foremost on my mind.

Modern technology is often a wonderful thing. Oh, sure, I know it has its critics--most notably that Unabomber guy--but most people tend to agree that it tends to be useful most of the time. A perfect example is this issue's cover. If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and sneak a peek now. I'll wait.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

See, you didn't miss anything. Anyway, this piece of art started out as a relatively simple drawing (a copy of which can be found right across from this line). I scanned it and saved a copy to disk. As a result, I was able not only to make it whatever size it needed to be for this magazine, but I could play around with it a little using a program called Adobe Photoshop™. I was just messing around, not planning anything serious, but I ended up with something I thought looked rather sharp. The artist, Caitlin May, agreed with me, and a cover was born.

I firmly believe that this issue represents a new standard for The Promethean. It is a standard that would not have been reached without the efforts of many people. First, Caitlin deserves another mention for not only the prize-winning artwork, but for agreeing it looked neat when "enhanced."

Special mention should also go to Dr. Lynnell Edwards, who decided to require her Creative Writing students to submit work as a part of the course.

Finally, a special thank you goes to Dr. Dan Wright and the rest of the staff--to Dr. Wright for continuing to show his faith in my skills (as well as writing an article which is sure to generate thought and maybe spark some controversy), and to the staff for putting up with my annoying little control issue. Weekly meetings aren't really so terrible, now are they?

I am so glad that's out of the way. Now can go back to thinking about love. Enjoy this magazine.



The Promethean, Spring 1996
English Department



Untitled Artwork
Caitlin May





Night Sounds
Beverly Moon


Jenna Mason


Shedding the Myth
Koty Zelinka


Andrew Rothery


On Reflecting
Chris Martin



The Crawford Legacy
Andrew Rothery

Spring 1996

Dr. Daniel Wright, Advisor
Andrew Rothery, Editor-In-Chief
Chris Martin, Artwork Editor
Jeff Kelly, Essay Editor
Bryant Carlson, Fiction Editor
Jenna Mason, Poetry Editor

Cover by Caitlin May, special effects by Andrew Rothery