Social and Behavioral Sciences Department

The Concordia University Social and Behavioral Sciences program is built on the foundation provided by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Guidelines for Undergraduate Education. These program goals require student success in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Scientific Inquiry and Critical thinking
  • Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World
  • Communication
  • Professional Development

The APA recommends intentional emphasis is given to diversity and our program shares that important focus. This value is threaded throughout our coursework offering students the opportunity to explore multiculturalism while gaining a rich appreciation for diversity, which has the potential to strengthen the fabric of our culture as a whole.

Another important value in our program is that of committed service to others, which ties closely to the APA’s goal of social responsibility. We encourage our students to volunteer their time at nearby schools and community agencies.

Along with the value placed on diversity and service we also put a focus on student involvement in research. This focus on research aligns with the APA’s goal of student success in scientific inquiry.

Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty:
Bryant Carlson (SelectedWorks profile) - Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of MA in Psychology program
Erin Mueller (SelectedWorks profile) - Professor of Psychology
Reed Mueller (SelectedWorks profile) - Professor of Psychology, Psychology Department Chair
Jane Smith (SelectedWorks profile) - Professor of Psychology


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