Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2009

Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences



Degree Name

Theology, BA

First Supervisor

Dr. Norman Metzler


The Empowerment of Young Women in the Church: An Analysis and Application of Feminist Theology provides a history of women's struggle for liberation within and outside of the church

The first chapter, "Women Find Their Voice" begins with a brief summary of the history of Caucasian and African American women in America and how their fight for liberation led to the feminist and womanist movements. This chapter describes how these two movements began to capture the attention of women within the church, later resulting in the development of Feminist Theology in American and abroad.

Chapter two entitled "The Feminist Theologians" highlights two Caucasian feminist theologians and one black feminist. This chapter provides short biographies and summaries of significant writings from Mary Daly, Rosemary Reuther Radford, and Patricia M. Collins. It concludes by acknowledging the significant impact these women have made up on society and the church.

The final chapter, "Biblical Heroines," presents the historical background for three women from the Bible; Esther, Deborah and Mary the mother of Jesus. Each of their unique stories is retold and applied to the lives of young women in the church today. This chapter concludes by emphasizing the significance of all three biblical heroines.

The thesis ends with an insight to further application of the overall subject matter for the empowerment of young women in the church today through a unique ministry.

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