Reports & Presentations


The 3 to PhD® partners have shared information with community members, peers, and stakeholders through a variety of reports and presentations. This sub-collection contains those reports and presentations.

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Submissions from 2018


Innovation in Teacher Preparation in a Co-located PK-8 and College of Education, Alisa Bates, Stephanie Murphy, Julie Owens-Birch, and Angela Vossenkuhl

Submissions from 2017


Innovative Teacher Preparation in a Shared Site: The Crucial School-University Partnership, Alisa Bates, Sheryl Reinisch, Angela Vossenkuhl, Julie Owens, Mark Robertson, and Shawn Daley

Reports/Presentations from 2016


3 to PhD™: A Safer, Healther, More Educated Community, Concordia University - Portland


Public-Private Partnership Creates New 3 to PhD® Model, Concordia University - Portland

Reports/Presentations from 2015


3 to PhD: An Example of Effective Collaboration, Kevin Matheny